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Should You Stick to the Plan or Change It?
The monthly review meeting is absolutely essential to real business planning. The real value of business planning is the decisions it causes, and the management that results; and for that you need not just a plan but a regular monthly review to track results and revise as necessary. And the toughest part of the review...
Win a 1-on-1 Session with Barbara Corcoran

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The Management Magic of Business Planning
True story: As my software business began to grow, as we went from two employees to five, then 10, I discovered how hard real management is with startups and small business that grow organically. In a startup, those first few people who join feel like friends, not employees. What they taught in my MBA courses...
TED Talk Nails Startup Success Factors. Or Not.

Much as I like TED, and respect Bill Gross and Idealabs, this recent TED talk bothers me.  He analyzed several hundred startups, from big successes to big failures, looking for the most important startup success factors. Startup Success Factors: Are These the Only Options? He considers the idea, the team, the business model, the funding. […]

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Can An Entrepreneur Have Work-Life Balance and be Successful?

Despite the common assumption that successful entrepreneurs have to be completely obsessed with their work, I think work-life balance is possible, even for people starting new businesses. I don’t like the myth that the real entrepreneurs ignore everything else. In fact I know several very well. They work hard, but also get back to family […]

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